Steps To Make A House Free Of Moisture

High level of humidity indoors affects our health, house as well as wallet. It is always better to remove surfeit moisture to have a healthy house. Here are some steps to do so-

• To eliminate a problem the first step is to determine the source. Once you know it, you can terminate it from the roots. There can be various sources of high humidity in the house. They could be leakage in the roof or basement, backed up floor drains, the region has high humidity level, and many more. You should thoroughly inspect you house to determine the source of humidity.

• Once you know the source, try to size up the damage it has done to your house. The worst consequence of high moisture content in the house is active mold growth. Look for signs of mold, pests, and damage to the structure. When doing so always wear protective clothing as bacteria and allergens are bad to come in contact with. An obvious sign of molds is bizarre smell coming out of affected corners. They will smell like wet clothes left in the washer for long. The mold gives out a gas as they grow, which results in this smell. Molds have varied look. Some types look like cluster of black dots, others look like long white threads sticking on walls. Mold can be of different colors including black, grey-brown, grey-green, white or orange, pink or purple, if it's behind wallpaper.

• Dust mites need moisture to remain hydrated. A house is assailed with multiple type of creatures. Dust mites are smallest of these. They cannot be seen with naked eyes. Their favorite breeding grounds are drapes, beds, furniture, mattress, carpeting or stuffed toys. They like living in houses occupied with humans and pets as they can amply feed on skin flakes. Dust mites can cause hay fever, watering itchy eyes, runny nose, dermatitis, asthma, bronchitis.

• Beside molds moisture can also facilitate growth of variety of pests such as ants, termites, beetles. All these contribute to small damages to the house. Termites can wreak havoc to the wooden belongings in the house. Beetles are particularly attracted to wood that isn't covered with paint or varnish. The under surface of the floorboards in the crawl spaces are often flocked by them. These bugs make the wooden structures hollow. Replacing wooden structures of house can be an exorbitant cost.

• Moisture can also render structural damages to your house. Look for sagging floors. It is quite difficult to detect them. If your windows and doors are not shutting properly, It could be due to sagging floors. Moisture boosts the growth of fungi which eats up the proteins and sugars in wood. You will see small heaps of dust besides your wooden furniture. Or they will start breaking into splinters or sheets. Rotting wood in the house due to pests and fungi is often as "house cancer."

• Moisture also leads to rusting of metallic things of the house. You will see layers of rust on pipes. Rusty pipes weaken with time and break. Breaking pipes can cause serious water problem in the house. It can lead to flooding as well.

• The next step is to remove the moisture from the house. The best way to do so is to buy a dehumidifier in the house. You can go for whole house dehumidifier. They will maintain the appropriate humidity level throughout your living space. You can also use portable humidifiers that will be fitted in spaces most prone to moisture. This will include basement, crawl spaces, attics etc. Allow enough sunlight to come inside the house. This is very important to control humidity and pest. If your house is well insulated and airtight, always have a mechanical ventilator fitted. The ventilator removes stale air inside the house and replaces it with fresh air from outside.

• As for cleaning the molds are concerned you have to aim at terminating their growth. This can only be done by using biocides that are meant for terminating mold growth. Always ensure buying an EPA approved biocide for this purpose. It is better to call a professional cleaner. They are acquainted with the norms of using these chemicals and therefore will do so without hazarding your safety. Most often ducts of the house are infested with molds. There are professional duct cleaning services that clean your ducts, repair them, as well as work on terminating mold growth. According to the government regulations, if an area has more than 30 sq. ft. of contamination then it should be cleaned by a professional mold company.

• If the house has become a breeding ground of pests call a pest control organization that will do the needful to disinfect the house. The urine trail of rodents and vermin should be eliminated otherwise they will trace them and reach your house again. Remove any dead tree limbs around your house because this can be a source for ants, termites and beetles. Also get your drapes and carpet professionally cleaned from time to time. Regularly sweep and mop your floors. Keep your linens that include pillow covers and bedsheets clean. Use special covers for your pillows and sofas where mites can penetrate.

• Perform a periodical inspection of house for mold, mildew and pest. A good humidity level is anywhere between 30% - 50%.Along with the dehumidifier you can also buy a hygrometer that will tell you what the level of humidity is.

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