Don’t Just Buy the Unit, Buy the Whole HVAC System

When your HVAC system fails, it will likely be either the indoor or outdoor component that quits. This can leave you with a dilemma — should you replace the whole system, or go the less costly route and purchase a single unit? Buying an HVAC system is a big investment, but it’s a makes the most sense and here’s why:

Efficiency that Matches the Rating

New split systems are rated on efficiency with both components working together. If you only replace half of the whole, your HVAC system may operate, but it can’t run at the rated efficiency level. So, even though you’ve invested in new equipment, it won’t reach its full energy-saving potential.

Better Reliability

When you pair a brand new unit with an older component, it may not control humidity as effectively or perform reliably when it’s under greater strain at the height of the season when you need it most. In comparison, a new HVAC system can provide worry-free service for the next 10 to 15 years.

Lifetime Cost Savings

Upgrading to new, more efficient system with components that are designed to work in tandem, you’ll save on your energy bills and spend less on repairs and maintenance over its life span. You won’t see those cost savings with mismatched components, and you’ll also have the inconvenience and expense of buying a second unit when the other half of the system fails.

Technology and Design Advancements

You have to match your older equipment as closely as possible if you only update half the system, so you can’t benefit from the latest HVAC advancements. That means you’ll miss out on the efficiency, humidity control and comfort advantages of features like variable-speed air handlers, improved coil designs, thermal expansion valves and scroll compressors.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

It’s impossible to have half of a split system installed to the manufacturer’s specifications, so buying just one unit voids the warranty that covers your costly new component against defects.

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